Random Thought: Friends

Friends. Old and new. Fake or real. For keep or for naught. With benefit or none at all. Close or just an acquaintance.

Attachment. Bond. If these are broken, it surely hurts. Everything turns into becoming a memory all of a sudden.

Many people become anxious when separated from their friends. In work for example, they cannot do their jobs well if they are assigned to a different site or schedule. Moreover, they no longer report to work because they are not with their friends anymore.

finger-friendsI’ve seen a lot of people like this and even worse than how I described them. My piece of advise? Never get too emotionally attached to your friends. They may be your true friends, aye! But naye, they won’t be there forever! At least, physically. Time will come when you will no longer have time talk to each other. They will just “seenzone” your message. They may not even come to you even if you ask them to because you need their presence.

This is reality. This does not mean that you are not friends with each other anymore. Nor does it mean that they no longer care. This may only mean that they are also busy with their lives, new friends, or they have their own baggage to lift.

So cheer up. Don’t be sad or scared. Get a life. Move on. Bond when there is a chance. And cherish the memories if time and space hinder the get-together.


by joseantonio

In transit from Paranaque to Ortigas October 14, 2016


Random Thought: Change

Is it really the uncertain that makes a person afraid of change? Is it because he does not know what will happen after the change? Is it because he does not want to go out of his comfort zone? Is it the fear to take a risk that stops man from deviating from what he is used to do?change-heraclitus

“Everything is in constant flux.” “Change is inevitable.” It is the only thing that constantly happens in this world. And we cannot stop change. Hence, instead of fearing change, let us embrace it. It will happen whether we like it or not. It is a FACT. So let us DEAL with it!

by joseantonio

October 13, 2016

In transit from Eton Cyberpod, Ortigas to Paranaque City

Random Thought: Guidance and Direction

What do you think would have happened if there was no Jonathan and Martha Kent? If there was no Lois Lane? Would Kal-El become Superman? And what would happen if Superman remains unchecked? Yes, he could turn Darkseid!

The truth of the matter is this: Even the strongest man, the Ubermench, needs Guidance and Direction. Otherwise, he will just become another Failure who might destroy others as well as himself.

Note: Photo courtesy of Google.

by joseantonio

October 10, 2016

Paranaque City


Go for The Top

Go for the Top! This may already be a common word to every member of our team now. Since the very first day we’ve met, to our daily coaching sessions, until our huddles and even normal conversations, I’ve always been telling you to aim for it. I did it because I knew you can do it.

This award is a proof that even if different people are put together, if driven by one goal and will work as a team, then the desired result can be attained. With the proper foundation laid by our trainers Mia, Tessa, and Jaycee, the incomparable support provided by our OM Jepoi, the very remarkable product prowess of our then SME and now CTT Kris, and your quintessential dedication to work: Klerry, Acee, Ashly, Chino, Gienne, Aldwin, Gideon, Jasmin, Jon, and Jayvee, our excellence among others was recognized.

you may not be the smartest or most intelligent people there is, but with the right discipline and proper guidance, you can be generals of your own armies, you can be captains of your own ships.

This is just but the beginning of the realization of your full potential. We may still or no longer receive similar recognition as a team in the future. But individually, I know each and every one of you can be stars of your own universes. Just remember: you may not be the smartest or most intelligent people there is, but with the right discipline and proper guidance, you can be generals of your own armies, you can be captains of your own ships.


by joseantonio

September 28, 2016

Paranaque City


Express Your Thoughts

It’s been a while since my last blogpost. I’ve decided to write again because I’ve noticed recently that I have a challenge expressing myself in English. So this is more on self re-evaluation and I wish to share this to you.

To begin with, let me ask you a few questions. How did you develop your communication skills? What techniques or approach did you follow? Have you attended a class, seminar or training? How much did you spend in order to get your comms skills in a competitive level?question-mark

In this post, I’m not going to talk about complex techniques or approaches to help you enhance your comms skills. Rather, what I’m going to share is based on my own experiences. And since it is based on my own practices and realizations, it will be very basic. Believe me, it’s ELEMENTARY.

But being elementary doesn’t mean it is useless. How can you know the advance if you don’t know the basics! Right? So here you go. I want to call this practice Express Your Thoughts (EYT). And the approach is none other than thru WRITING.

writing-meaningWriting is “an act or art of forming visible letters or characters” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). In other words, it is a way of expressing your ideas or opinions thru written words. Now, how can writing help you improve your comms skills? Let me tell you two examples:

1) Louise was coached repeatedly for not consistently empathizing with her customers as well as providing them assurance statements. I’ve tried different approaches. I’ve even reached the point to almost threaten her with a corrective action for not following our action plans. Then I realized that I have not used all my tricks yet 🙂 So what I did was I asked her to write three different empathy and assurance statements for every scenario I gave her. Then I asked her to send it to me together with her commitment to use her spiels on her calls. The following day, I audited her calls and to my surprise, she has been consistent in providing empathy and assurance statements to her customers.

2) Mary’s job is to talk to clients and managers about schedules. She shared that one of her colleagues told her that she uses a lot of filler words when she’s on a call. So what she did was she wrote her commonly used spiels. Since then, she has been reading the said spiels every time she talks to clients and managers. Recently, she noticed that she does not need to read the spiels more often than before and she can already express herself in new statements other than her prepared spiels.

When writing, you can write, erase or delete, change or edit. You can immediately review your work and correct any mistakes before sending or submitting it. You will have the chance to revisit your work, organize your thoughts, and brainstorm… the chance you won’t have when you are speaking in public, for example.

I’ve had very good English teachers, most especially in College and Graduate School. They’ve taught me the basics of grammar as well as the advance. I’ve learned from them that no matter how good you are, you can never really master the rules of grammar and be perfect all the time. But more importantly, they’ve made me realize that English is a skill subject that can be learned and honed and that you will get poor on it if you stop practicing it.writing-picture

I haven’t been much of a speaker. But I wrote a lot back then. My classmate in College, John, has proven to me that you can easily remember something if you’ve written it down. As Rizal said, “A pen is mightier than a sword.” So here I am writing again. I am going back to how I honed my comms skills. ELEMENTARY, right?! You can also do this. But make sure that you read what you have written. And of course, never forget to practice SPEAKING in English as well.

Go on ahead and Express Your Thoughts!!!


by joseantonio

Sitel Pantry, Eton 6,

Ortigas, Quezon City

September 16, 2016

Don’t Lose It!

Managing one’s temper is very important. It keeps him out of trouble and keeps him from losing his focus. Anger management could be the key to a person’s success in life. It could help him attain his goals and reach his maximum potentials.

I know a person who has anger management issues. At grade school he stabbed his classmate with a ball pen. When he was in high school there were instances when got into trouble. He was not a trouble-maker. So he did understand why he got into such incidents that he almost put his life and someone else’s in danger.

Photo not mine.

During college he entered a special institution. He and his classmates had undergone series of classes, training, seminars, and the likes wherein they were taught about meditation, reflection and other practices for self-realization. There he learned how to control his anger. But he also learned that managing his temper cannot be done in just a blink of an eye. It is a life-time endeavor. He might falter along the way. But he will surely rise and continue to live on.

“Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame. “~ Benjamin Franklin

Anger 2
Courtesy to the owner of this photo (just got this one from Google)

Your patience will be tested by the people around you. They will play games to lure you into losing it and falling into the trap. Some will do it to destroy you. But others will just do it to test if you are fit to do something or to be in the right place somewhere.

If you give in, you lose. You have to remember: lose your cool and you lose everything.

Be Coooolllllll (just got this from google also)

by joseantonio

June 22, 2016

Paranaque City

Isang Boto, Para sa Pagbabago

Isang araw bago ang botohan, naisipan kong magsulat upang maibsan ang aking mga agam-agam. Sino ba talaga iboboto kong Presidente? Bakit? Tama ba ang sinusuportahan kong kandidato? Hindi kaya mali ako? Totoo kaya ang mga sinasabi ng mga tao patungkol sa kanya, mabuti man o masama? Marami pa akong katanungan. Dito ay susubukan kong hanapan ng kasagutan.

Binay, Poe, Roxas, Santiago, at Duterte. Sina Jojo, Grace, Mar, Miriam, at Digong. Sila ang mga tumatakbo sa pagka-Pangulo ngayong eleksyon sa Mayo 9. Sino ba sa kanila ang iboboto ko at sino ang hindi? Bakit?

Iboboto ko si Binay. Ang ganda ng ginawa niya sa Makati. Sa tuwing nagagawi ako roon, nakikita kong isa ngang tunay na maunlad na lungsod ito. Ito ang slogan niya noong tumakbo siya bilang Bise-Presidente noong 2010: “Nagawa ko na ito sa Makati. Gawin natin ito sa buong bansa!” Mabuhay ka Binay!

Iboboto ko si Poe. Mukhang mabait e. Mukhang matalino. Meron pang 20-point agenda na nagpapatunay na maganda nga naman ang mga plano niya. Ituloy mo yan Grace!

Iboboto ko si Roxas. Di maitatangging marami rin namang magagandang nagawa ang administrasyon ni PNoy. At ipagpapatuloy daw nya ang mga ‘yun alinsunod sa Tuwid na Daan. Kaya pwede ka rin Mar!

Iboboto ko si Santiago. Matalino. Hindi, sobrang talino! Siguradong marami siyang plano para mapaunlad ang gating bansa at mas marami pa siyang maiisip na magaganda pag siya na ang Pangulo. Miriam tayo!

Iboboto ko si Duterte. Di pa man ako nakapunta sa Davao pero marami akong kaibigan na kundi man doon nakatira ay nakapunta na doon. Simula pa noong ako’y ay nasa kolehiyo hanggang sa ngayon, puro magaganda ang naririnig ko tungkol sa Davao. At iyon daw ay dahil sa pamumuno ni Mayor Duterte. Digong para Presidente!

Sa kabilang banda…

Hindi ko iboboto si Binay. Sabi ng isa kong kaibigan na may kakilala daw siyang nagtatrabaho or dating nagtatrabaho sa opisina ni VP Binay. Totoo daw talaga ang mga bintang sa kanya tungkol sa mga nakaw na yaman. Pinatawag siya sa Senado pero hindi naman siya pumunta. Para sa akin isa itong indikasyon na guilty ang isang tao. Ayoko ng kurap. Ayoko kay Binay!

Hindi ko iboboto si Poe. Masyado pa siyang bata para maging Pangulo. Kumbaga sa konteksto sa call center, newbie ka palang gusto mo nang maging bisor or manager. Mag mentor or SME ka muna. Darating din ang tamang panahon para sayo. Isa pa, hindi ko gusto ang pagka desperada niyang manalo kaya sumasali na rin sya sa ginagawa ng ibang kandidato na paninira sa kapwa nila kandidato. Hindi ko muna iboboto si Grace!

Hindi ko iboboto si Roxas. Isa pa tong desperado. Sa mga interview sa TV palaging palpak. Ibebenta na nga lang sarili sa mga tao, sablay pa. Yung sinabi niya kay Romualdez sa Tacloban, mali talaga yun. “You are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino.” So personalan na at damay damay mga tao sa Tacloban? Yung komento niya tungkol sa droga sa Davao at Makati, epic fail! Yung pagkain niya ng kanin sa tasa/baso at pag-inom ng tubig sa plato, nakakatawa diba? Halatang gusto lumebel sa mahihirap, nagmukha tuloy plastik at halata namang di totoo. Ngayon puro paninira na naman sa mga nangungunang kandidato sa survey ang inaatupag. Pag manalo ka pa, ewan ko nalang pano mangyayari yun!

Hindi ko iboboto si Santiago. Ayokong makadagdag pa sa hirap na nararamdaman niya. Hindi biro ang sakit na cancer. Maaaring totoo ngang kaya na niya. Pero halata namang mahina pa siya. At hindi makakabuti sa kanya ang stress na idudulot ng trabaho ng isang Pangulo. Baka samantalahin pa ito ng mga masasamang loob. Magpagaling nalang po kayo Madame Senator!

Hindi ko iboboto si Duterte. Palamura. Sabi nila mamamatay tao daw. Mayabang. Ngayon naman may mga tagong bank accounts daw. Hindi ito magandang imahe ng isang lider. Ayoko kay Duterte!


Naisulat ko na ang karamihan kundi man lahat ng nasa aking isipan.

Pero kailangan kong bomoto! Kailangan kong makilahok! Kailangan kong gumawa ng hakbang para sa pagbabago!

Kung pagsasama-samahin ko ang mga rason kung bakit ko iboboto at hindi iboboto ang isang kandidato, may isang taong nananaig sa lahat at para sa akin ay dapat maging Pangulo. Siya ang aking idolo. Walang iba kundi si Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Di nga naman matatawaran ang nagawa niya sa Davao. At hindi lang sa Davao kundi kahit sa ibang lugar. Matatandaang siya ang isa sa mga unang personal ng nagtungo sa Leyte upang tumulong sa mga biktima ng Yolanda. Di nga lang to nalaman ng lahat dahil hindi naman siya nagpa interview o nagpakita sa media para ipangalandakang isa syang bayani.

E ano ngayon kung palamura si Digong? E di tayong mga magulang ang magdisiplina sa ating mga anak na wag gayahin ang kanyang pagmumura! Mamatay-tao? Bakit hindi naman nakulong si Duterte dahil dito? Parang wala nga yatang nagdemanda sa kanya tungkol dito. At kung meron man, hindi nanalo. Isa pa mga kriminal lang naman ang pinapatay ni Mayor, hindi mga ordinaryong matitinong tao. Mayabang? Ako din e! Lahat naman tayo may tinatagong yabang. Nilalabas lang natin kung meron na tayong ibubuga. May mga tagong bank accounts? Ano na bang nangyari sa expose ni Trillanes tungkol dito? Puro paninira lamang. Hindi naman napapatunayang totoo ang lahat ng alegasyon.

Iboboto ko si Duterte para sa pagbabago. Sinimulan ko na sa sarili ko, alam kong sasamahan niya ako na tuparin ito. Hindi lamang siya ang gagawa ng pagbabago kundi bawat isa tayo, lahat ng Pilipino.



by joseantonio

May 8, 2016, Paranaque City